I’ve never felt glad to be working a Saturday, but today I felt just that. It being only day 5, I’m still getting used to fasting and I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to cope with a full Saturday without work as a distraction and without a community of fasting people around me. Really appreciated the support from my colleagues today who have been amazing – I’m also really thankful that my friends and housemates are completely supportive of what I’m doing, and haven’t tried to tease or tempt me otherwise.

I had a gig this evening, and we were due on at 22:15pm. As I’ve outlined elsewhere on this blog, I am allowing myself to drink water before it’s time to break fast if I feel I need to – I thought I’d have to today. However, I managed to make it until 21:37pm and broke my fast as normal.

Every night that I’ve broken my fast so far, I’ve been at home and been able to make myself a plentiful dinner with lots of protein, vitamins and carbs. As I was out of the house this evening and the venue had said they are providing food for the band, I didn’t have a choice in what I could eat. I didn’t think anything of this until I got there and the food was finger sandwiches – not an issue, but I’ll admit to feeling disappointed that I wasn’t going  to eat a hot meal at the end of my fast.

I immediately scolded myself for feeling that way. I reminded myself of how incredibly lucky I am to be able to eat at all.



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